Tech Robo consulting provides an array of GDPR assessment and consulting services to help customers gain a holistic view of their state of compliance towards the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) and assess their readiness towards the GDPR.

  • Awareness Workshop

    Designed to give customer a better understanding of data privacy and how GDPR will impact your organisation.

  • Data Discovery

    Tech Robo provides a consultant led data discovery exercise across your organisation to produce an extensive and up to date register of your organisation’s data processing activities.

  • Health Check

    Tech Robo is committed to helping organizations better prepare for compliance with the upcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation, and any future updates to the regulation as released. We will assess your data privacy risks and measure your privacy controls against the GDPR.

  • Privacy Impact Assessment

    Tech Robo provides experienced consultants to assist in establishing the appropriate policies, procedures and systems to enable ‘privacy by design’.