Usability Testing

A 360-degree view on your application’s usability

Using our proven testing usability methodology, we deliver a 360-degree view on a product’s operability by analyzing, identifying and bench marking the weak spots in core features of the application and suggesting opportunities for improvement.

  • Information Architecture
    • Intuitive navigation structure and components
    • Comprehensible search function and results presentation
  • Workflows and interactions
    • Verification of usage, workflow logics
    • Effective application usage, and identification and elimination of redundant operations
    • Intuitive application operability check
    • Fast response time, process continuity, smooth user journeys
    • Error tolerance and system feedback availability
  • Visual design
    • Information presentation, visual readability, full functionality of page layout
    • Compliance of terminology and utilized conventions with general usage, unified usage of functional and graphic elements across the application, and adequate response of generally used functions
    • Fast application learn ability